Amanda Lewis was wrongfully convicted in 2008 after her child accidentally drowned in Florida. First responders treated the case as an accidental drowning and nothing gave them a reason to suspect otherwise. Her trial was built around the testimony of her 6 year old son AJ, who contradicted himself multiple times during the police investigation and in court. After his sister was airlifted to the hospital and before he even mentioned his mother having anything to do with Adrianna's death. he spent a crucial amount of time in the care of Amanda's stepfather Chuck Burns who openly admitted that "he could not stand Amanda". AJ's testimony was inconsistent from the start. In total he gave 13 materially different variations of what happened that day, including events that had happened weeks ago and wasn't even able to recognize his own mother in court. Amanda passed a polygraph test to prove her innocence and rejected a 10 year plea sentence deal because she refused to admit something she didn't do. It would have made her a free woman in summer 2018. Amanda Lewis is serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole, still grieving the tragic but accidental death of her beloved daughter. 





What does AJ say now?

Has he changed his mind and has he spoken to his mother since?

Amanda has not seen her son since the trial, nor has she spoken to him or received any letters. AJ has been adopted by the family that has cared for him since Amanda's arrest and is no longer named Hutto. 


What about the bruises on Adrianna's face?

The bruises on her face could have been caused by many different things, one of them being that even small bruising becomes more apparent after death. She might or might not have hit her head at the bottom of the pool and despite the testimonies made by different emergency responders, they could have happened during pulling her out of pool, CPR or reanimation in the hospital. It also isn't clear what happened before she drowned, AJ mentioned throwing a white bucket at her.


Why didn't Adrianna just stand up?

She didn't know how to swim yet and it's not uncommon for children to drown in relatively flat water as they tend to panic and aren't able to keep themselves afloat. 


What did really happen? 

With the only potential eyewitness giving so many different stories about what happened and  his credibility being highly questionable, we can only assume. The most likely scenario is that Adrianna fell into the pool while trying get the bugs out of it, for whatever reasons. That's one of the many testimonies AJ gave about what happened that day. 



But didn't Amanda's mother say she was afraid of water?

While it is true that she didn't like to be underwater, several pictures show her happily playing at the beach by her mothers side and Amanda's boyfriend at the time has testified that she liked playing in his mothers pool with adults around.


Was there any abuse in the family? 

Adrianna was diagnosed with ADHD, but it was Amanda who got her daughter the help she needed in the first place. CPS was never involved and there are no indicators of Amanda abusing her daughter. It wasn't shown in any documentary, but Adrianna's teacher described Amanda as a loving, caring and initiative mother.